Team Building Workshops


Team building workshops are an essential tool for building a successful corporate management team.

They enable the company’s top executives and employees to unlock their full potential to brainstorm, problem solve, innovate, and achieve key goals and objectives.

During tailored workshops, I work with CEOs and senior members of staff to explore current research on the effectiveness of team building in creating confident and competent management teams.

The Importance of Team Building 

Team building exercises host numerous benefits including increased communication, planning abilities, and employee motivation and collaboration.

While the focus is on encouraging your managers to build on their teamwork skills, I also incorporate activities to improve additional key skills including communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution. The end goal is to unlock the full potential of each individual whilst creating a cohesive, efficient and productive team lead by confident and competent managers.

Research shows that these workshops significantly improve the performance of management teams. In fact, a study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that effective team building activities increase group productivity by up to 25%. Another study by The National Bureau of Economic Research found improved quality of the team’s decision-making process, reduced conflicts and increased team satisfaction.

During my 20 years with the UK Special forces, ‘‘team building’’ was always a top priority for our operational teams.

Effective Team Building 

Before conducting any team building workshop or development package, CEOs and their senior executives must collaborate to identify specific areas for improvement within their managerial teams.

For instance, do your team of managers need to improve their communication, problem-solving or teamwork skills? In order for a team building workshop to be effective and achieve the desired results, it must be tailored to meet the demands of your business.

It must also be interactive and engaging as this will encourage your team of managers to utilise their new learnings day-to-day. Through a series of collaborative exercises, I’ll promote problem-solving skills to boost team cohesion and, as a result, your senior members of staff will have a better understanding of their teams’ strengths, weaknesses and preferences.


In order to improve management performance, leadership and overall success, I believe team building workshops are the solution.

Utilising a series of interactive and engaging activities specifically tailored to benefit your business, I work to unlock the potential of each senior manager in order to create competent, cohesive and productive teams.

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