On Yer Bike!

Last year, Kim and I dusted off two bicycles from the garage, donned our helmets and decided to go on a little adventure.

And an adventure it was!

You might remember the story I shared last year of our 14-mile trip around Wolferton, Sandringham and Dersingham. Well, we continued our new-found hobby, exploring different routes around Lincolnshire and beyond. Winding down country lanes or following the Ferry Meadows pathway, with a couple of injuries here and there, of course, but we loved it nonetheless.

On the 3rd of June, it’s ‘World Bicycle Day’, the annual observance from the United Nations, with a message for as many of us to choose our bicycles over our motor vehicles as much as possible.

I love to cycle for health and fitness purposes. Of course, it’s a cardio workout, but I just feel fantastic during and after cycling. Gliding in the breeze, navigating the terrain and exploring the great outdoors. It’s also a lot of fun going out together with Kim, and it makes a change from our usual walks.

I read an article titled “15 Benefits Of Riding A Bike Instead Of A Car” from Commuter.com, and the data, specifically around the health benefits, was unbelievable! I think it might have been the part that said it made you live longer (and look younger) that triggered me to dust off the old bike!

Click here to read it!

The UN promotes cycling for its health benefits and its positive impact on our planet. If more people chose to cycle rather than drive, it would help the journey towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Whilst you might not see me going to Sainsbury’s to do the ‘big shop’ on a bicycle, it has certainly made me think twice about using the car if only popping out locally.

With a bit more (recent) hours under my belt, I think that cycling trip overseas will be well-deserved 😉

Will I see you out on your bike this World Bicycle Day? Don’t forget your helmet!