An Organisation That I Am Proud To Have Partnered With

I was very proud to have been asked to speak on behalf of The Diana Awards Anti-Bullying Ambassador training program to six schools in Nottingham (6-16-year-old).

Having been bullied as a child, I am passionate about helping other children and adults avoid being bullied or at least having some simple tools that can help them to deal with bullying.  Bullying is something that not only starts in school, it unfortunately may continue into adulthood and far too many adults have suffered or suffer from bullying in the workplace.  It can not only lead to it destroying your self-belief and self-worth it destroys people’s will to live.

I thought it might be a little daunting intially to speak to over 100 children, but, it became a very rewarding day.  I opened in the morning with my story and then presented in the afternoon on ‘Leadership’.

I did mention in the morning that I would be around all day and that if anyone one would like to talk to me that my name is Jem and that I am very friendly, they can just tap me on the shoulder. About half way through the day, I felt a little tap on my leg and when I turned around I saw a little 8 year old girl with her hand placed out to shake my hand, her words sent shivers down my spine when she said : “I just want to say thank you for speaking to us today.  I found your talk very inspirational”.

How cool was that for an 8 year old to come to up to me and say that. This Anti-Bullying program is just superb and should be run in every school.

I am now passionate about helping others to find their own passion and follow their dreams, especially children who may be going through the difficulties that teenage years can present. I think my story inspires others, to dare to dream again. For me, it’s about dreaming to be what you want to be. 

Once you have a dream you can create a plan and from that develop the emotional rocket fuel needed to achieve your dream and make it happen.

This is the Diana Award’s Mission Statement: “We are the living legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.” There is a reason why I partner with this organisation, to me, pouring into the youth of today is truly investing in our future, and I couldn’t be more proud to be involved with The Diana Trust and the Diana Award.

This Award was founded to celebrate the work done by young mentors and leaders in the fields of humanitarianism as well as selfless contributions towards society. I was bullied growing up, so it means a lot to know that organisations are looking out for the well-being of our youth. In many ways, we never know how far help goes.

What is an organisation that you are involved in or a cause you’re passionate about?

Let me know by responding to this blog, because I am always looking for new, creative ways to partner with those who help.